uMark Video Watermarker
Version: 1 Shareware
Batch watermark your videos with uMark Video

uMark Video Watermarker is a batch watermark software for videos. Add visible watermarks to videos with uMark. You can text or image watermarks to multiple videos in one go. You can create your watermarks once and save them for quick repeat use.You can fully customize the appearance of your watermark by setting font, size, color and shadow for text watermarks. You can control the transparency of the watermarks and place it anywhere on the video by choosing one of the 9 predefined placements or setting a custom X, Y position. You can also choose to have the watermark appear at random position every few seconds. For added effect, you can have the watermark scroll in one of the 4 ways left to right, right to left, top to bottom or bottom to top.You can add multiple watermarks on multiple videos in one go. uMark saves the videos in the same format as the original input video or you can choose to convert the video to a different format. You can also specify a specific output size and change the video resolution. You can set a custom video and audio bitrate or remove audio altogether.uMark is fast and processes videos in the background. It creates high quality video after watermarking while leaving your original video untouched. uMark is available in Free and Pro mode. uMark does not add any other unwanted watermark even in the Free mode.Download uMark Video Watermarker now.

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