Website Extractor 10.52
The new integrated software program boasts a built-in browser that enables you to scan online websites. With the ability to change html-links to relative names, you can easily move the information to a CD-ROM or another hard drive.

With exceptional filtering capabilities, you can select documents based on type and name and set a pre-determined downloading depth for websites, allowing you to choose only the pages you need and skip over the rest. The Offline Downloader provides various settings and options to make this task easier. Additionally, you can refine your search by restricting it to specific domain types (such as .com, .net, .uk, etc.) using advanced filtering options based on keywords and other auxiliary options.

What features make Offline Downloader a top-of-the line browsing tool?

  • Ability to download a large number of websites to your PC, which means you don't have to click your mouse a hundred times when you want to save files in the right directory;
  • Downloaded web links can be renamed to relative local files, allowing you to move the information easily to CD-ROM or another hard drive.
  • Convenience in browsing websites with a heavy content of advertisement banners, captions or graphics;
  • Easy in viewing sites with photo albums or galleries. Even high-speed connections take a long time to download graphics. This task is infinitely easier when performed offline.
  • Various types of graphic files are readable, such as jpg and gif files.
  • You can browse and view websites online simultaneously;
  • You can make an exact copy of any website on your hard drive;
  • Option to browse websites offline;
  • You can study broken links;
  • You can transfer your website to the server of another provider;
  • The program contains a built-in browser which allows you to scan all websites both online and offline