Office Report Builder
Office Report Builder includes:
  • Word Report Builder
  • Excel Report Builder
Office Report Builder is an easy and convenient tool for the creation and customisation of reports which takes advantage of the formatting and presentation capabilities of Microsoft Word and Excel 7.0, 8.0, 2000. The program allows the rapid construction of reports as forms and columnar reports.

General Principles of operation.

Two possibilities are available for the choice of datasource for your reports:
1) Your own application can generate the data for which the report is to be generated. In this case, the Office Report Builder will construct the report based on the data contained in a temporary table.
2) Office Report Builder can make use of SQL through a query editor which is part of the program. This allows the formation of pre-defined reports which are run at a regular interval, e.g. aged debtor &c.
Here are some of the features of Office Report Builder:

  • A GUI style design environment, which allows the user to design their reports visually inside MS Excel / Word.
  • On screen preview facilities, also within MS Excel and Word.
  • Reports can be saved and then viewed and printed as pure MS Excel or MS Word documents - there is no need to send any additional executables to third parties to whom you wish to send reports.
  • ffice Report Builder has the ability to produce mailing labels and multi-column reports using the capacities of MS Excel and MS Word.
  • Reports may be printed in Portrait or Landscape mode.
  • It is possible to call the Excel and Word Report Builder from other program

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