Youtube App for Pokki
Version: 3 Freeware
A free Youtube desktop app for your computer.

A free Youtube desktop app for your Windows PC.Watch and share the latest YouTube Videos, right from your desktop. Access billions of videos from the world's most popular online video community one-click away with the real-time notifications, directly from your desktop with this free desktop app for Pokki! This YouTube desktop app is made possible by Pokki, free software that brings a modern app experience for hundreds of free apps and games to your Windows PC.Features* Download the desktop app for free!* Easily upload and share video clips on YouTube and around the Internet.* Keep track of your favorite users' new videos.* Receive real-time notifications and alerts for activity of the users you follow.* Instantly record video with a webcam and Flash software.

Category: youtube

Keywords: Youtube desktop, youtube app, youtube pc, youtube, youtube pokki

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