Video Zoomer and Cropper
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Zoom Video Area or Crop Video Area

"Video Zoomer and Cropper - Zoom Video Area or Crop Video Area - Highligh area of video or crop area of video - Multilingual. Do you want to zoom video area to highlight it and overlay it on top of the existing video ? Do you want to crop area of video to emphasize on a smaller area of it ? Then try Video Zoomer And Cropper which can do that and also for a specific time of the video.The application supports drag-and-drop actions and is very easy to use. You have to specify the source area of the video and the destination area of the video. Afterwards, the start and end time of the part video you want to zoom. You can also view a thumbnail of the video at the specific time position when you change the start or end time or click on its box. Moreover, select ""Overlay"" to overlay the destination area on top of the existing video or ""Crop"" to crop the video area part entirely. Press on ""Add Clip"" to add new clips to zoom different parts of the video or ""Remove Clip"" to remove existing clip. You can also press on ""Options"" to set various options such as whether to join overlay clips or join crop clips and also whether to show a box around the highlighted zoom area and its color. You can also specify the output filename pattern and keep the creation date, last modification date and exif information of the source video. The application is also multilingual and translated into 39 different languages. If you have ever wondered how to zoom video area or crop video area then try Video Zoomer and Cropper which can easily do that."

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