Video Plus
Version: 1.2.1 Shareware
Fine-tune, watermark and scale your videos.

Fine-tune, watermark, scale, rotate and apply artistic effects to your videos using Video Plus. If you have videos on your Mac that need to be adjusted and watermarked then you are in luck. Video Plus is an all-in-one video processing solution that any movie enthusiast should have in his toolset. But here is what Video Plus has to offer:Adjust the following settings of your video:* Brightness* Exposure * Contrast* Saturation* Gamma* Hue* RGB valuesApply the following artistic effects to your video:* Black &, White* Sepia* Cartoon* Oil Painting* Vignette* Pixellate* HalftoneApply the following blur effects to your video:* Standard Blur* Circle Blur* Focus Blur* Motion Blur* Zoom BlurApply the following transformations to your video:* Scale * Rotate * 3-D Transformation* Swirl* Glass SphereApply a text watermark to your video for which you can customise the following:* Text * Text Color * Font Type * Font Size * Opacity * Shadow * Stroke* Position* X Offset* Y Offset Apply a logo watermark to your video for which you can customise the following:* Image * Scale * Opacity* Position* X Offset* Y OffsetSupported Video Formats: MOV, M4V, MP4, 3GP and 3G2

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