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Veamcast is an exciting new method of digital communication for PCs, tablets and phones. Video and voice is poised to take a much larger role in modern communication technologies as the shift toward handheld devices and interactive TV takes root. Veamcast is a cross-platform, multi-media message exchange system that works with existing email providers and the most popular social networks/media sharing websites. Veamcast functions much like email except it's primarily designed to be used with video and voice instead of text and it's optimized for the touchscreen. It allows users to communicate quickly and easily by freeing them from typing. With the press of a few buttons (using touch screen, mouse or remote control), Veamcast users can record, edit and transmit video messages, voice recordings or narrated slideshows through its intuitive modern interface. With the press of a few more buttons, these playlists (or VEAMs) can be sent via email or posted on social networks, in the background, without the user waiting for file uploads. Veamcast can also be used to send photos and large attachments in a reliable way. Each recipient will receive an email and can view the content online or, if their client supports it, from right from within an HTML5 email. Viewer pages are generated based on the viewer's platform capabilities. If they're using Veamcast, the content will be downloaded in the background and played right in the client without streaming. Only recent ones are stored locally. All are stored on the server and are available always either from the client or in a browser. As more diverse devices (like tablets and wall mounted computers) come online, this type of communication is destined to make the keyboard less relevant. This medium is far more personal and engaging than reading an email. Watching a person's face and listening to their voice, provides for a more natural, precise form of communication whether for personal or business use.

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