SoftMine TV Player
Version: 1.6.0 Freeware
SoftMine TV Player is a cool TV streamer.

Tired of watching the same channels over and over? Tired of trying out TV streaming programs with little content and useless features?Searching for a way to discover the best internet TV channels and have all your favorites in one place?SoftMine TV Player is the easiest solution to all these issues!This extremely lite app delivers a great way to watch streaming/live video, once you have tried it you will surely want to stick around and use it again.SoftMine TV Player is a hassle-free app loaded with excellent channels available in high-quality. You will definitely find something to your liking from the wide range of choices you are given: 19 relevant categories focused on most popular themes such as Movies, News, Music, Cultural/Arts, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Religious, Documentary, Politics, Weather and more. If you want an internet TV program with features which include advanced streaming technology, minimal delay, fast buffering, low memory and CPU load, end-to-end security and detailed self-help management, SoftMine TV Player is just one click away!Download SoftMine TV Player and get ready for a dazzling TV experience! You will have access to thousands of TV shows and an increasing list of the best TV channels available online!Furthermore, SoftMine TV Player allows you to add you own TV channels and make that list of free live Internet TV stations even bigger. Plus, it comes with multi-language support and the most easy-to-work-with interface ever!

Category: Internet TV,Video,Audio,Internet,Multimedia,Tools
Soft Mine

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