Simi VLC Player
Version: 2014 Freeware
Simi VLC Player is a free multimedia player.

Simi VLC Player is a free multimedia player that plays almost everything: Multimedia Files, Multimedia Discs, Streams, DVR Cameras, IP Cameras, Webcams and DVR recordings. Have a splendid an simple interface with powerful functionality.Simi VLC Player use for core media player the famous libVLC library and for interface our great user ergonomic functionality.Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed!Read and save playlists in different popular formats. Also playlists may include mixed media, from local or online location.

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Video Players,Multimedia and Design :: Video Recorders,MP3 &, Audio :: Players
Nexus Media s.r.l.

Keywords: multimedia player,movie player,dvr player,streaming player,youtube player,video,multimedia

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