Screen Recorder Pro
Version: 1.8.0 Shareware
Screen recorder with high compression ratio

TTXN Screen Recorder Pro is a very small screen record tool with high compression ratio, it can record screen and audio to flv video file which can be easily published on internet and played in flash player. Features:1. Record entire or selected region of screen, or choose one or more applications to record. 2. Record mouse cursor and audio. You may select the audio input source.3. Record mouse click event.4. Customize recording frame rate varies from 1 to 25. high frame rate allow you to record video played on screen.5. Pause/Resume recording. You may pause the recording if you are interrupted by something.6. Screen annotation. You can draw lines on screen during recording. The line color and width can be customized.7. Semi-transparent watermark supported. You can select a bmp/png/jpg image as watermark, and customize the transparency and position of it.8. Change video quality.TTXN Screen Recorder Pro is very easy to be installed and used. In fact, you don't need to install it as it's a portable software. There is only one file in downloaded package. Please extract it to a directory and run it. It will automatically generate a default video file name for you, so you even don't need to do any additional steps to record screen. After you end the recording, it will also generate next default file name.

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Screen Capture

Keywords: Screen Recorder,Screen Capture,Video,FLV,mpegts, desktop,record,capture

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