PepBlast Motion Pictures
Version: 1.3.33 Freeware
Make slideshows and movies with photos+music

Mix your pictures with music and make fun movies and slideshows easily. Personalize your video with amazing styles. See your movie preview immediately and unleash your photos in motion to share with the world.Watch your PepBlast feed, follow friends, let others to follow you, and experience trending movies.Main features:* Slide Show Maker with Music* Motion Pic Collage for Slides with Photo Editor* Your photos are animated with video backgrounds and music* 1000's of free designs or design your own* Free and optional Pro plans* Easy, fast, and fun way to express yourself* Share with friends by Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.This Movie Maker of Slideshow with Music features a PRO paid subscription that gives you access to exclusive styles, backgrounds and songs. If you don't want to pay, you can still use over thousands of free styles, backgrounds, and songs in your movie.When your photos are uploaded for movie creation, they are also posted to your PepBlast photos ( - public/private (you choose) - in addition to creating a unique PepBlast webpage for your movie with a secret id (which can be shared or not).We develop apps to make video with pictures and music. Our technology to create video from photos has evolved from picture slideshow to PepBlast movie app to make a video from pictures. PepBlast app allows users to make a slideshow video or make a video with pictures in motion. Users turn pictures into video easily. In order to make your own slideshow, or make your own video, PepBlast has a photo editor and tools to make beautiful short movies. Our movie creator app to make video from photos is fast, easy and fun! The video creator runs in the PepBlast cloud to make movies from pictures to share online.See sample videos at http://www.pepblast.comMake unique pic collage videos! We cannot wait to see your amazing movies and slideshows with music created by this amazing movie maker!The PepBlast Team

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Image Editing,Multimedia and Design :: Video Recorders
Photozig, Inc.

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