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Add motion to time-lapse videos.

Add motion to your timelapse videos. Panolapse uses perspective correction to create real-world rotational panning through your scene. Also zoom, deflicker, interpolate RAW metadata, auto-exposure, create videos, and more. The concept of Panolapse's motion is similar to 360° panorama viewers. Panolapse uses perspective correction to rotate the camera through a scene over multiple frames to create an animation. The movements are real-world accurate, allowing for natural panning and essentially acting as a motorized-head. Panolapse works best with wide-angle lenses including fisheyes. Deflicker timelapses to smoothen out the brightness of your scene. Export your image frames as jpg, mp4, or mov (PhotoJPEG). Interpolate RAW metadata settings with RAWBlend. Blend between frames by animating exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, and more. Get perfect exposure every frame, no matter what camera settings you're at. AutoExposure takes into account your photograph's shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. Available for Windows and Mac OSX.

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Video Editors

Keywords: Panolapse, Timelapse, time-lapse, panorama, deflicker, hd, video, mp4, pan, zoom, rotate, motion

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