Open Subtitles FlixTools Pro
Version: 2,7 Shareware
Subtitle Downloader and iTunes video Convert

Open Subtitles FlixTools - The easiest way to download subtitles for your movies in matter of seconds. Download perfectly matched subtitles for your movies and TV series, advanced search for subtitles by movie or TV Series title or IMDB ID, convert videos with multiple subtitles to iTunes supporting multiple CPU cores, automatically detect and edit video meta-data for iTunes, synchronize subtitles for movies with automatic sync suggestion, set up watch folders and get your subtitles automatically. Open Subtitles FlixTools as first program in world support multiple intelligent upload of subtitles. With buying PRO or LIFETIME version you will get VIP Open Subtitles membership, so you can enjoy pure subtitles - no advertisement.Try Open Subtitles FlixTools today and you will never go back!Version 2.7- Fix: When square artwork for TV Shows cannot be found, it now properly falls back to regular artwork.- Fix: SSL fallback to lower standard should now fix issues with Tumblr- Fix: Again an OMDB API server update. Hopefully this is the last one for now.Version 2.6- Fix: Metadata retrieval stopped working due to format change. Should be all fixed and faster as well.- Fix: Audio was sometimes going out of sync with iTunes Divx conversions.Version 2.5- Fix: OMDB was under a DDOS attack causing issues with loading metadata. Version 2.4- Fix: Various bug fixes- New: Indonesian Localization Languages- Fix: Localization language updates- New: Added original filename in iTunes .m4v comment tag- Change: Option-? shortcuts changed to Ctrl-?. Right click an item to see shortcuts.- New: Shortcuts to open items in other tabs. (E.g. Ctrl-S to open an item in Sync or Ctrl-Shift-S for all)- New: Move original files to trash after conversion (Advanced Settings in Add to iTunes)- New: Error sound when trying to set a sync duration causing the subtitles to go below 0Read more about changes and older versions in changes.txt

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Open Subtitles

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