Movie Mania!
Version: 1.0.0 Shareware
Movie Mania! is a movie library manager

Movie Mania! is a movie library manager. You can catalog your downloaded movies, your DVDs and BlueRays. Choose a folder to scan and see how Movie Mania finds covers and informations about your movies, adding them to your library at the same time.When is necessary, you can correct covers with the fast cover search: it takes few seconds.Find photos and informations about your movies with a click: overview, release date, budget, duration, photos, cast and crew profiles and so on…,Fill your library with your memorable movies…, or find informations about in production movies, directly from web databases!!Main features:–, Automatic and Configurable Folders Scan–, Automatic Movies Classifications–, Poster Informations and Photos–, Amazing Movie Photos from Web–, Cast and Crews informations–, Multiple Skin and colors–, Fast Online Movie Search–, Add Your Memorable Movies to your Library–, Quick Filters and Search OptionsMovie Mania is based on Web API provided by, free for commercial and private use :API faq:

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