Movavi Slideshow Creator
Version: 1.1.20 Shareware
Whip up a cool slideshow in three easy steps!

Whip up a chic slideshow in three smooth steps! Movavi Slideshow Creator makes it easy as making a cup of morning coffee: choose &, sort photos, add appropriate mood music, overlay elegant transitions. Voila! Your creation is ready for export to mobile device or burning to CD/DVD.Refresh your fading memories with Movavi Slideshow Creator:-Create stunning slideshows in three simple steps.-Adjust photos with handy tools.-Overlay music to create the perfect atmosphere.-Sequence photos with artistic transitions.-Share your video memories in multiple ways: save into any format &, for any portable device, burn on CDs/DVDs.Sounds good? Go ahead and try Movavi Slideshow Creator today!

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Presentations,Multimedia and Design :: Utilities

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