Movavi 360 Video Editor
Version: 1.0.1 Shareware
Create and edit 360-degree movies

Movavi 360 Video Editor lets you edit immersive videos and panoramic photos to make your own 360 movies. With a powerful set of tools, you can easily create 3D tours and VR videos.EditingUpload any 360-degree footage videos or photos and edit it on the handy timeline. Cut and trim clips, adjust colors. Apply filters and titles, create memorable masterpieces with special effects like Chroma Key, Picture in picture, Freeze Frame, and more. Switch between preview and editing mode to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want.You can adjust the audio, too: normalize sound, remove background noise, and tweak equalizer settings. With beat detection, you can even adjust the tempo of your project.SharingSave your 3D movie in MP4 or MKV, or upload it directly to your YouTube channel. Let the whole world watch!

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Movavi Software Ltd.

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