Mediapotok Lite
Version: Freeware
Mediapotok - video file containers analyzer

Mediapotok - simple tool for professional video file containers analysis. Mediapotok allows you to obtain and visualize the structure of the video container with high detail. Includes well-known MediaInfo, HEX-viewer of raw data, TREE-viewer of container elements, allows fast and simple navigation among elements of media containers.Mediapotok Lite allows to perform detailed scanning of common video file formats, such as: AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, OGG... Other versions of program include advanced features for professionals and has support of additional file formats (FLV, RealMedia, ASF, VOB, MTS).Mediapotok can be useful for typical users, video editing professionals or video software developers.Mediapotok Lite is free so you never need to pay for Mediapotok Lite.Mediapotok is crossplatform software, you can download Linux versions at DiViLine website. Portable and 64x versions are also available.

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