Flowplayer html5 scrubber preview plugin
Version: 1.0.1 Shareware
Flowplayer scrubber preview frames plugin

Flowplayer scrubber preview frames plugin that generates images on the fly when the front user hovers over the player's seekbar by downloading and decoding key frames in the file so you do not need to pre generate these before hand. The plugin extracts meta data from an mp4 container, parses it and then on request downloads key frames corresponding to the timing on the scrubber under the mouse and displays them dynamically. Internally it leverages browser's capabilities by using either html5 video or Flash to decode the H264 encoded frames. The currently played video does not have to be H264 mp4 as long as you have an additional source in your source list.

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Video Players,Multimedia and Design :: Utilities
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Keywords: Scrubber, seekbar, Flowplayer, preview, stills, images

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