Version: 1,1 Freeware
DejaVu3D: Real time 2D to 3D Player

DejaVu3D is advanced software solution that enables users to watch 3D on any Laptop/PC. The application supports 2D to 3D conversion. The software can be installed on any windows based PC/Laptop and enables users to watch 3D content on any screen. The advanced algorithm allows users to watch 2D or 3D at a press of a button.DejaVu3D application is worlds first floating 3D application. The application allows you to play and watch 3D content on any screen without installation of any software. Super fast processing enables conversion of data to 3D in real time making your 3D viewing a instant and lag free experience. Enjoy 3D video experience anyplace anytime. The software supports following conversions:Side By Side : Anaglyph Top/Bottom : Anaglyph URL Support for Playing Cloud Data 2D : Anaglyph

Category: Video Player
Six Steps Technologies Pvt Ltd

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