Batch Video To Audio Extractor
Version: 1.2.3 Freeware
Extract audio from bunch video files

Batch Video To Audio Extractor will let you give it a list of bunch video files to extract audio, you walk away for an hour, and then come back to have all of them finished and the audio files waiting for you. This software can also adjust the sound volume and sound tempo of extracted audio files. Combining ease of use with support for an assortment of video and audio formats, Batch Video To Audio Extractor can be of great use to anyone who wants to extract audio streams out of video files. Batch Video To Audio Extractor

Audane Software

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What is the best video surveillance software?

Traditional video surveillance systems require infrastructures including expensive servers with capabilities to process images and store video recordings. These surveillance systems produce and need to store a huge amount of data and to execute on them specific image analysis in real-time in order to detect safety events.

Web camera pro is, without a doubt, one of the best video surveillance software solutions that can help you set up your own personal video surveillance center.
It features great compatibility and is easy to configure.

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