TDMore Blu-ray Copy
Version: 1.0.0 Shareware
TDMore Blu-ray Copy

TDMore Blu-ray Copy is a user-friendly and versatile Blu-ray copy software, which helps Blu-ray fans quickly and efficiently achieve their needs:1.Copying entire Blu-ray disc with high quality,2.Copying the feature movie only fast with fast speed,3.Clone 1:1 bit to bit Blu-ray disc perfectly, 4.Copy 3D Blu-rays into 2D Blu-rays,5.Output to ISO, folder or blank BD/DVDs, AVCHD disc,Features: 3 Copy Modes Let You Backup Blu-rays with Much Flexibility.1. Full Disc Mode: Copy the Entire Contents on the Blu-rayFull Disc mode copies everything on the Blu-ray disc, including menus, feature movie, extras, commercials, bonus content, etc, in size of BD 50 BD 25 as you like.2. Main Movie Mode: Copy only the Feature Movie TitleMain Movie mode copies only the feature movie itself, onto HDD as ISO image file or Blu-ray folder, or burns it onto blank BD 50, BD 25, DVD 9 or DVD 5 disc later at any given time.3. Clone Mode: Duplicate lossless 1:1 Blu-ray Disc PerfectlyClone mode perfectly makes 1:1 bit to bit Blu-ray copy without any quality loss. This suits best for those Blu-ray fans that put output quality top on the first of their priority lists.Besides above features,TDMore Blu-ray Copy handle with 3D Blu-rays flexibly:TDMore Blu-ray Copy has a very impressive feature which let users backup 3D Blu-rays in a very flexible manner. Users can have their 3D Blu-rays losslessly cloned with identical 3D format on the genuine disc, or they can choose to downgrade them into regular Blu-rays to play back on non-3D Blu-ray players.System Requirements: Supported OS: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista (32/64bit) Processor: Intel or AMD, dual core or above RAM: 1GB or above Blu-ray Drive: at least one Blu-ray optical drive.As a newly released software, TDMore Blu-ray Copy can provides amazing functions as other popular software with the most reasonable price. For more information, please go to:

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TDMore Software

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