Prompt teleprompter for Mac OSX
Version: 7.5.02 Demo
Simple teleprompter software for Mac and Wind

Prompt is an affordable simple teleprompter software solution for Mac and Windows. User configurable, Prompt! can save in it's own format and .txt to share between users on Mac and Windows.Features:Plain text can be imported and exported.- Simple text edit including copy, cut and paste.- Control over font size and font choice.- User control of scroll speed and smoothness using the mouse or keyboard or remote (not supplied).- Looping function for unattended use in the keyboard run mode with single display.- Prompt saves in it’s own file format (.pmt). So you can send a Prompt file to the person who will be reading and they can send it back to you with their own TABS set, masking placement and any changes to the text including the font size.- You can click and drag the Prompt window to reposition by clicking on the titlebar or the gray area in the edit area or the filename in the scrolling area.- Option to hide the desktop with black.- Macintosh or Windows playback with interchangeable saved .pmt files.- Multi-language support (Left to Right languages only).- Horizontal flipping (mirroring) of text alone or running flipped/unflipped on multiple monitors or both unflipped on multiple monitors for those who use hardware flipping on one display.- On-screen timer/progress indicator including estimated time to end of scroll.- Cue points (Tabs).


Keywords: teleprompter, AUTOCUE, text, scroller, video, teletext

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