Movavi PDF Editor
Version: 1,3 Shareware
A handy document viewer and PDF creator

Movavi PDF Editor is a convenient way to manage documents. Whether a scanned document, a catalog or an illustrated booklet, you can easily view and edit your work.Open filesView standard PDF documents: articles, books, brochures, scanned documents, etc. You can work with multiple files simultaneously just open them in separate tabs. Follow internal (tables of contents, notes) and external links within documents.Edit documentsSomething wrong with any of the pages? Rotate, add and delete them to fix them! Need a stamp or a signature in your document? Insert images, change their size and position. Create new PDFs: merge multiple files and rearrange pages.Export pagesExtract individual pages from large files and save them as separate PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, or BMPs. Export images and save them as PDF files.

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Screen Capture,Multimedia and Design :: Video Editors,Multimedia and Design :: Video Players,Multimedia and Design :: Video Recorders
Movavi Software Ltd.

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