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"Free Youtube to Video Converter is a powerful video converter from Media Freeware. It is a video converter which converts Youtube videos to other video formats. The app has a rich set of features which makes it very useful. First, its main job is to download videos from Youtube and then convert them to most popular video formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI and more. You can add as many as links you like to it and download and convert them simultaneously. The conversion speed is very high and you'll get your results in no time. All imported links are verified prior to downloading so you don't worry about dropping the app to a loop and add as many links as you like and leave your PC, let the app do the rest for you. There is an ""Add Bulk URL"" button which is very useful if you want to import multiple links with one click. It will first verify and process the links and then add them in download list."

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