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Everyone has their favorite collection of movies on DVDs. Many times one might want to view the same on their mobile phones, but of course, the file will first need to be converted to an appropriate format. The Free VOB To MP4 Converter does exactly that. All that the user needs to do is play these DVDs on a computer and convert the files into the mp4 extension format. The Free VOB To MP4 Converter is very useful, since it allows for movies to be watched anywhere on the go, at any time. Users can now enjoy watching movies on their mobile phones/tablets, in an appropriate format. Once files are converted to the mp4 format, they can be uploaded on a mobile and videos or movies can now be enjoyed from anywhere, without the need of a DVD, media player or portable media player or any such devices. VOB files only work with DVD media. Mp4 files, on the other hand, are supported by a large variety of platforms, like mobiles, Iphones, Ipads, tablets and even digital cameras. The Free VOB To MP4 Converter is very easy to use. To start with, the user has to select the files that they wish to convert to mp4, and upload them to this software. Users can upload multiple files at the same time. There is no need for users to wait long when processing multiple files at the same time, they can select which ones to convert immediately, and process the other files later. The Free VOB To MP4 Converter works real time, i.e., it plays the file while the conversion is going on. The Free VOB To MP4 Converter also allows for the resolution of the output video to be changed, which gives the user the freedom to chose the resolution based on disk/ memory space.

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