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The Free VOB to FLV Converter allows users to convert the former file type to be played on their Adobe Flash Players. It is a very useful tool since it also supports SWF format. Since FLV movies are quite popular amongst people across the world because of their quality, this software can be put to the best use. There are a number of advantages of using this tool. It supports the WebM format and hence, once files are changed from their original type, they can be loaded onto various websites on the internet. They can even be transferred to mobile devices so that users can enjoy them even on the go. The speed of conversion is another attractive feature. With the batch conversion benefit of the software, it takes just a few minutes for a number of files to be converted simultaneously. The user interface of the Free VOB to FLV Converter is also very simple. Once the software is downloaded and installed, users need to click on the ‘,Add files’, option and browse through the folders to select the VOB files that need to be converted. When the list is ready, the users have the choice to set the order of conversion so that those files that are required on an urgent basis can be pushed up in the queue. The Free VOB to FLV Converter even allows them to remove files from the list so as that they can be converted at a later stage. The order being set, users can now use the preview window to check the video quality and make the necessary changes. Parameters such as volume control, brightness, video size, bit rate, etc, can all be customised. The ‘,Convert now’, button on the Free VOB to FLV Converter will finally start the process.

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