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Convert VOB files to AVI format

The free VOB to AVI converter tool allows users to convert VOB files to various other formats such as MP3, DIVX, WMV, MPEG and FLV. It can easily convert audio and video data of the VOB files into AVI video format. Users can also utilize this free converter tool to extract audio from the VOB video files. The program includes a simple user interface which is quite easy to comprehend and use. Users can easily import the VOB files with the use of a file browser and then select the AVI video format. Users must select the output folder before initiating the conversion process. The program also allows the users to select the aspect ratio before converting the videos. The program showcases a dialog box for the selection of the output folder. Users can create a new folder or save the converted file in the existing folder. The conversion process is quick and begins as soon as the Convert button is selected. The free VOB to AVI converter tool allows the users to view the progress bar during the conversion process. It is also easy to view the success or failure of the conversion process through a pop-up window. The image and the sound quality of the output files are excellent. Although the program has no help files, it is quite easy to use and install. The software interface is straight-forward and easily to comprehend. This free software program can easily support large files. It is quite compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. The free VOB to AVI converter tool has limited options but it is quite a versatile tool that offers remarkable results. It can be used and comprehended easily by beginners or novices as the conversion process includes only a few simple steps.

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