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There are quite a few users who prefer watching movies with the help of their DVD players. Though it has its inherent benefits, the fact remains that most of the VOB files cannot be played on portable platforms. AVCHD, on the other hand, was initially a file type to store camcorder recordings. However, it has gained prominence with its support to many HD quality external drives and its ability to support several devices. The Free VOB to AVCHD Converter can get the best quality files so that users can enjoy them at all times. It has a number of other features which makes it very popular. Since it is a small sized file, it does not interfere with the performance of the system it is installed onto. The absence of any malware and adware is yet another feather in the cap. The tool is quite powerful and can accomplish the conversion of several files in a few minutes. Even if the user uploads several files onto the tool to be converted, the batch conversion feature makes this possible in very less time. Depending on the size of the files and their number, the Free VOB to AVCHD Converter takes anything between a few seconds and a few minutes to get the job done. The straight forward interface makes it easy for even those users without any experience of handling such technology. It is apt for personal as well as professional use. The advanced settings help users to customise their files by changing certain audio and video parameters. It even allows them a few editing functions such as cropping, merging, removing a small part from a file, rotating, etc. The Free VOB to AVCHD Converter is easy to use, free of cost and highly functional.

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