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Whenever there are movies, videos or photographs that are stored on a DVD need to be viewed on a different format, they need to be converted to a format appropriate for the platform being viewed in. The Free VOB Converter is a easy to use program that allows users to be able to do that. This format comes in very handy. With the help of this program, the user can watch videos and movies at any time, on the go. One does not need a DVD player or a portable DVD player to be able to view these videos and movies. The interesting feature of the Free VOB Converter is that it gives the user a wide range of options to choose from, with respect to the final format of the file after conversion. Videos can be converted to mp4, mp3, flv, avi and multiple other formats, depending on the need, the device it is being viewed on and also the disk space available. If the disk space available is low, videos containing songs can be converted to mp3 using the Free VOB Converter. Since VOB files are only compatible with DVD media, the Free VOB Converter becomes a necessity to be able to play these files on other devices. Free VOB Converter is extremely simple to understand. The user needs to click the input icon on the Free VOB Converter and select the files to be uploaded and converted. Several files can be loaded at once. Users can also choose to convert some files later. Once all files are loaded, one can select which ones to convert at the very moment. The Free VOB Converter will simultaneously play the file as well. Once the files are selected, users need to choose from drop down lists, which format they want the files to be converted to, and click on Convert. The time taken depends on the size of the file and the resolution.

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