Free MPG to MPEG Converter
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Convert and manage output video resolution

To convert MPG files to MPEG file format so that they are compatible and are more suitable for video streaming and /or distribution purposes, the Free MPG to MPEG Converter can be used. The procedure to operate this converter is very simple and anyone can do it without any technical knowledge. Users must first download, install the program and initiate the converter tool. The next step is to select which files are to be converted and click on 'add files'. This uploads the files onto the converter. Users then need to review and confirm the order of conversion. If there is a need, they can remove items from the queue with just a few clicks. The next option to be chosen is the destination folder. Though the Free MPG to MPEG Converter remembers the last used location by default, users can change the folder if they wish to save the files at a different destination. After all these options have been confirmed, the last step is to click on 'convert now', and the files are converted to MPEG within a matter of minutes. There are many advantages of using this converter. One of them is that the tool supports batch conversion. All files can be uploaded at one instance and they are converted simultaneously. Another attractive feature of the Free MPG to MPEG Converter is the auto shut down option. When this is checked, the computer shuts down automatically once the process is complete. This option is available for the users so that they do not have to sit in front of the system should they opt for batch conversion of files. With all these features, the Free MPG to MPEG Converter is a quick and efficient tool to convert MPG videos to MPEG without compromising on the quality of files.

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