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MPG is a file extension of the MPEG format and is popular amongst most users. However, if there is a need to play QuickTime movies on Apple devices, they need to be in the MOV format. This file type is a flagship of Apple and is known for its quality and many other features. The Free MPG to MOV Converter is therefore, an ideal tool for any such purposes. It allows users to watch their videos and movies in the top class MOV format and that too, on several platforms. This light weight tool does not require much disk space as well and allows users to continue with their other programs whilst the conversion is taking place. It is fast and efficient and does not require any technical skills for using the features. The Free MPG to MOV Converter has many options when it comes to optimizing the output quality. Several audio and video parameters can be modified according to the users’, requirements. When files are added onto the software for conversion, the preview window allows users to check the viewing experience of the resultant files. Consequently, they can be modified on a real time basis so that the job is done during the conversion itself. The Free MPG to MOV Converter allows users to convert a number of files in one go. Even if multiple files are added onto the software, the time take for the process is impressive. If there are any videos that can be deferred for later, the same can be removed from the list. Users can even opt for the auto shut down feature. When this is checked, the system automatically shuts down after all the files have been converted. The Free MPG to MOV Converter is free from malware and adware.

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