Free MPG to 3GP Converter
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Convert MPG into 3GP.

The Free MPG to 3GP Converter is a very effective tool when there are files on the computer that need to be converted to a format that is appropriate to be viewed on platforms like mobile, tabs and other portable devices. Since 3GP is the format used by most mobile phones for videos files, this tool can be quite handy for many users. The converter is very easy to use, since the user interface is very minimalistic. However, it is highly functional. There are a lot of features associated with this software and users also have the option to change a lot of features of the resultant 3GP file. First, the Free MPG to 3GP converter is very fast. There are hardly any instances where the conversion time goes into minutes, and that is when there is a large number of files big in size. The tool also allows for all files to be converted at one go, thanks to the batch conversion feature. There is an automated status bar for every file. This way, if there is a file that is taking too long to convert, it can be deferred for the time being and converted individually later on. The other options available to users with the Free MPG to 3GP Converter include changing the resolution and the quality of the 3GP video. Apart from this, viewing and changing the destination folder where 3GP files will be saved and also opening the destination folder from the interface itself is also enabled. All these functions can be used with just a few clicks and can be located very easily on the interface. It can be comprehended in the first instance even by a novice. All these features make the Free MPG to 3GP Converter a very useful tool.

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