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If you listen to music a lot specially from video sharing websites like Vimeo, Youtube etc. then you will need a video to audio converter because these websites represent their videos in MP4 format and you have to extract audio out of it. To do this you will find Free MP4 to MP3 Converter the best because it is built exactly to do this. Its another converter application published by Convert Audio Free. The application is really simple and every one can use it without any help. Its simplicity makes it a unique app for this purpose. No settings are needed for conversion and the only parameter you can set is changing the output folder. Just import MP4 video and press green Convert Selected button and the rest is done. Also if you dont want all files to be converted you can uncheck the checkboxes next to each file or simply remove the file from list. You can import a whole folders contents as well. The conversion speed is really high and it allows you to convert files in no time. The RAM and CPU usage are also very good so it does not affect your PCs performance at all. You can browse to the output folder by clicking Open Output Folder to access your files fast. Some key features of Free MP4 to MP3 Converter are:MP4 video to MP3 audio format conversionHigh speed and performanceSimple and easy to useCompatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows

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