Free MP4 Splitter
Version: 1 Freeware
Split video files in the MP4 file format.

This is a tool that comes in handy for anybody. It is useful for a student as well as a professional. It could be used for uncountable purposes. It could be used for making a movie out of other existing ones. It could be used for trimming, joining parts and many others. This MP4 cutter comes for free and works fine whereas there are similar softwares available for price but even after the amount paid for it, the quality received is objectionable. The special quality of this cutter is that it does not spoil the quality of the file even after cutting. This is the common problem faced whether a video is cut or split. You will be amazed at the video clarity. Even if there is any difference, it will not be noticeable. This has many features which are not provided by other tools. It has an option of batch cutting. What happens in this is, more than one file can be directly dropped in the tool and the cutting happens one after another. There is another useful feature that is auto cutting. If suppose the video needs to be cut in regular pattern, then the user need not sit the entire while the cutting happens. Instead, a time could be fixed in the tool such that cutting happens after every fixed interval of that time given by the user. This works so efficiently. It saves lot of time and also, since the process itself is pretty quick, the times saved is much higher than other tools. This is an extremely amicable tool, it is easy to understand and operate, and even a novice can handle this tool. Great reviews has been obtained by the existing users, thus this tool will not disappoint.

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