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Conversion processes are very tedious. It takes up a lot of time, sometimes a day’,s work. With a limited time to wind up, it becomes a menace to manage time with conversions for professionals. It would be a great help to both professional and individual to be able to convert faster. Both MOV and AVCHD file formats are useful in its own places. Conversions might be necessary for many purposes given that the later one is more popular. It is not very tough to find an application which would do this job but there is no surety that the quality obtained would meet satisfaction or the speed of conversions will suffice your time limit. Also the paid applications, though come with promises, ultimately fail you. Well, with this tool, you can put all your worries to rest. This is an amazing tool which comes for free. It’,s a misconception that things which are free are not effective. For all those people who think so, let me assure you that this tool is anything but ineffective. It is fast. The speed of its conversion will shock you. It is almost three times faster than any average converter. It has an ability to convert each file in under a minute, of course if the files are not too large. Its speed makes it most desirable. Now since the AVCHD format is of higher quality as it supports HD videos. There must not be loss in quality after the conversion. This tool manages to provide you with an output whose quality is very close to that of the original one. The difference, if there, would be microscopic. This tool also is extremely handy. It can be operated literally by any one. The operations are kept very simple and the user interface is so friendly that it does not seem unapproachable.

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