Free MOV to 3GP Converter
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Convert MOV to 3GP preserving high quality.

The Free MOV to 3GP converter is a powerful video converter tool that facilitates users to convert MOV video files into 3GP format. The converter is developed to encode the files with a few simple and quick steps. The interface of this converter app is straightforward and plain. This free software app is designed to convert various other file formats too. The Free MOV to 3GP converter tool is one of the most versatile converter tools with a wide range of features. The tool can be installed and used easily as it includes a user friendly interface. This free converter tool can be used by both novices and professionals as all the features and functions are displayed on the main window of the program. Users can easily add the files into the conversion queue and clear the conversion list if required. Users can also check the information related to the MOV files such as the duration of the videos, clip name and the output format of the video files. This free converter tool also permits the users to select any suitable language which further simplifies the conversion process. The tool also offers a huge range of output formats. Users can even adjust the parameters of the output file such as the quality of the audio and video files, sample rate of the audio files, output image setting, video frame rate and so forth. It is possible to customize these parameters to achieve the high quality output files. Users can trim and split the video files for better conversion of the MOV files. This free converter tool also includes several other video editing features. The Free MOV to 3GP Converter tool consumes low system resources. This reliable and handy utility program delivers high quality output files within a short time.

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