Free MKV to 3GP Converter
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Convert MKV files to 3GP format.

Users depend on their mobile phones for a number of purposes. One of them is to watch their favourite videos at all times, without the need to carry a media player. The Free MKV to 3GP Converter converts video files in the MKV format to 3GP, which is exclusively used in mobile phones. Once the conversion is accomplished, they can easily be transferred to any such devices without any glitches. These files can then be viewed anywhere without any need for internet connectivity. The software itself is quite powerful, though it does not require much disk space. Despite the fact that the 3GP format is compressed, the freeware ensures that there is no loss in the quality during the conversion. Be it any number of files, the Free MKV to 3GP Converter does not compromise on the viewing experience. The tool’,s user interface is very simple and there is no need for referring to a tutorial to operate the same. Even novices will not find any glitches. It supports batch conversion and therefore, a number of files can be added onto the software at one go. They can be changed to the 3GP format simultaneously. Another feature of the Free MKV to 3GP Converter is the speed with which conversions happen. It takes just a few minutes for a medium sized file to be converted. If users are pressed for time, they can remove some files from the list and defer them for later. They can even choose the order of conversion of files. Certain audio and video parameters can be enhanced so as to customise the 3GP files as per the users’, requirements. The Free MKV to 3GP Converter is a clean tool without any malware. Therefore, it is recommended to be downloaded for high quality video viewing.

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