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Convert FLV files to various formats.

Have you ever had audio files in wav file format on your PC? Are they huge in size? They take too much hard drive space? Well, the solution is here. You can solve this problem by using Free WAV Converter. Free WAV Converter is a converter application for converting wav files to most popular audio file formats. It accepts wav files as input and converts them to compressed audio files such as mp3, ogg, wma, m4a, aac and Free Lossless Audio Codec or flac. It is very easy to use, just select input file and press Convert button and there you go. The converted file will be saved in the same directory as input file. The best thing about this simple tool is that it has no settings and this is good because many people dont know what to do with all that confusing settings like Encoder Type, Sample Rate, Channel, Bitrate and all other annoying settings. This app does it all for you and there is no need to be worried about professional knowledge of sound files. No other app is like this one in simplicity. In fact, it requests only one thing and that is the name of file to be converted. So, this application is perfect for almost anyone. Some of the good features of this application are: - Conversion of wav files to mp3, ogg, wma, m4a, aac and flac file formats. -Simplest audio format converter ever made -No settings are necessary for converting files -Minimum user interference needed, just enter input file name -Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

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