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The Free AVI converter tool is a powerful and versatile software app that can easily convert various file formats such as RMVB, WMV, VOB, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MP4 and so forth. This free converter tool is capable of converting into various video file formats with precision and perfection. Users can easily import the files into the conversion queue with the file browser and perform the conversion process with ease. It is also possible to customize the parameters of the output file such as the video quality, size, audio quality and sample rate, frame rate and so forth. The program showcases a progress bar which displays the file name, conversion rate and the status of conversion. The files can be added or deleted from the conversion queue. The software interface is quite plain and intuitive. The conversion process can be started once the output file is specified. Users can easily configure various settings of the audio and video files such as the bitrate, sample rate, volume and the frequency rate. The Free AVI converter tool offers a wide assortment of useful features. It includes a built-in media player which can be used to preview video clips. Users can also trim the video files by selecting the start and the end point of the files. This free converter tool is devoid of any help file. However, the program can be comprehended and used easily so there is hardly any need of a help file. The converter delivers high quality output files. The Free AVI converter tool performs its task at an incomparable speed. The converter app can be downloaded and installed easily and quickly. The tool ensures perfect conversion in a few simple steps. It is undoubtedly a hassle free software converter app with a multitude of features.

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