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Users owning a camcorder need a player that can play all their digital videos and images without any issues. However, there are not many devices that support the AVCHD format. In such situations, the Free AVCHD to AVI Converter will prove to be very handy. Since AVI is a file type that is very common and is supported by several portable and mobile devices, users can make the most of this freeware. They can even burn CDs in the AVI format and watch the files on bigger screens without any glitches. There are a number of benefits with this freeware. Users can change the video parameters to HD quality for better viewing experience. So, there is no loss in this regard. The Free AVCHD to AVI Converter allows them to convert several files simultaneously. Depending on the size of files and the number, the tool takes anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes for the process to be completed. The user interface is also quite simple. Upon installing the software onto the device, users need to click on the ‘,add files’, option and choose the AVCHD videos from the folders. Once this is accomplished, the tool allows them to set the order of conversion so that those videos which are required first can be pushed up in the queue. At this point in time, users may also remove those files that can be deferred for later. The Free AVCHD to AVI Converter has a preview window which enables users to check the quality of the resultant files. Should there be a need, the same can be further enhanced with the help of advanced settings option. Finally, the ‘,convert now’, button will start the process and users will be treated to top class AVI videos.

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