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Convert 3GP to VOB, either a single file or i

The Free 3GP to VOB Converter is a very handy program which allows users to convert their 3GP files to VOB. While 3GP files are those that work really well on mobile platforms and are highly versatile because of their small file size, VOB is a format that is used in DVDs. So, if there is a need for a particular 3GP file to be played on a CD or DVD, it should be converted to VOB. The Free 3GP to VOB Converter does just that in an effective manner. It is a tool that is really easy to use. Once the program is installed, run and download completed, the software is good to go. Users need to initiate the program and first identify the 3GP files that need to be converted to VOB. Once identified, they can click on the ‘,add files’, button, browse through and select the files that need to be converted. When the files are added onto the software, users have an option to select the order of conversion. If there is a file needed urgently, it can be placed first in the queue. Some items can also be deferred for later. The Free 3GP to VOB Converter supports batch conversion. This means that users can select and upload all files to be converted at one go, instead of adding them one at a time. The conversion speed is also quite impressive. The maximum time taken is a few minutes, though it depends on the number of files and their sizes. After this, one can also change the resultant quality and resolution with the help of the Free 3GP to VOB Converter. The program will have saved a default folder selected before, but users can change the same as per their convenience.

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