DVD Slim Free
Version: Freeware
Create and print covers to like CD, DVD, etc.

A simple, easy to use tool to create covers to like CDs, DVDs, VHS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii, BlueRay and much more.This cover program provides the following options: Use own pictures from your hard disk, Searching for cover images on the internet, Selection of the desired cover type, Adapting the cover format, Naming a title (on the front and on the edge of the cover), Print the cover of your project, Select the program language.In short, DVD Slim Free is a simple and free solution that allows users to create cover for their storage media.

Category: Multimedia and Design :: Authoring Tools,MP3 &, Audio :: Misc. MP3 &, Audio,Multimedia and Design :: Image Editing
Elefant Software

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