Modam Player
Version: 0.19.2 Demo
Play your videos on your TV.

Play your videos to your Chromecast or a Smart TV and create easily your playlist.The videos in your playlist automatically loop, so you can have better experience watching your TV.The UI is really intuitive to make it work really quickly.Modam Player automatically detects your chromecast that should be in the same network as your computer.The currently supported formats are mkv, mp4 and avi files. It will automatically convert your videos to be compatible with the Chromecast.

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Modam Studios

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What is the best video surveillance software?

Traditional video surveillance systems require infrastructures including expensive servers with capabilities to process images and store video recordings. These surveillance systems produce and need to store a huge amount of data and to execute on them specific image analysis in real-time in order to detect safety events.

Web camera pro is, without a doubt, one of the best video surveillance software solutions that can help you set up your own personal video surveillance center.
It features great compatibility and is easy to configure.

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