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Mailing List Deluxe 6.80
is a must-have marketing tool, whatever line of business you're in.
May 2009
Mail commander 10.0 is available for download
May 2009
ABC Backup Pro 5.20. Download free trial version
FTP Navigator 8.03
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  • FTP Navigator  for Windows really does knock the spots off the competition. Read on and we'll prove it...  Uploading files to the internet can seem more like a "World Wide Wait." First you spend time waiting for your "full-featured" (read "bloated") FTP program to launch, then you spend yet more time waiting for it to actually load your pages.  You haven't even attempted to use the program's vast range of features because ... well ... you don't know where to start. The program just isn't easy to use. It doesn't have to be this way. FTP Navigator is not only easy to use (you can pick it up in minutes), it's also a very lean application (640kB) - yet has all the features and power of it's "weightier" counterparts. More info ...

    Mailing List Deluxe 6.80

    Mailing List Deluxe is designed to create and support mailing lists for your clients and subscribers.  All you have to do is draft one message and it will be sent to an entire list of mail recipients.  In addition, the program will create a personalized letter for each subscriber, which can include all the necessary information from your database. The Deluxe version also has a built-in smtp server and can send mail directly without any help from the ISP server.

    Mailing List Deluxe supports multi-part html messages with embedded images, combined text and html messages, has a WYSIWYG html message editor, can send custom attachment for each recipient. The program possesses expanded mailing list capabilities, such as list filtering, deleting duplicates, word and character replacement, creating lists from different types of text files, exporting and importing lists from MS Excel and checking the correctness of addresses.

    The new version supports mailing list scheduler and  can send mail in batches with a delay between each batch. It  allows to have time delays on the emails, so that you can email all users without exceeding per hour limit. For example, if your ISP limits the maximum emails per hour or you do not want overload
    your server.

    More info..

    Offline Downloader 4.20

    The Offline Downloader program is conveniently designed to download Internet websites exactly the way you want them, including or excluding any parts you need or don't need (such as directory, domain and file names, types of files, their size or any other properties). The program can download up to 100 files at a time, which saves you a huge amount of time compared to ordinary browsers. All data retrieved are stored in the directory you select and contain only the files and directories matching your filter instructions.

    The system will be a welcome addition for journalists, scientists, researchers, equity analysts and managers as well as people who surf the Internet in search of fun, for online dating purposes involving large photo galleries, or others who would just like to browse family websites containing digital photo albums.

    This new integrated software program contains a built-in browser which allows you to scan all websites both online and offline (on your own hard drive). The program can change html-links to relative names, allowing you to move the information easily to CD-ROM or another hard drive. More info...

    DB Maker 3.50

    DB Maker  allows you to extract specific data from HTML and TXT documents and create text databases. The program lets you analyze and search a selected document for specified data, and convert the unstructured results into a text file for further processing in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel and  MailList Express. More info..

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